Metrosexual or Retrosexual or Just Darn Clueless?

February 26, 2008

Guys these days are really into grooming and clothes… Imagine being at a party and hearing so much about Ties, Scarves, and err…Pocket Squares. A few of them raved about shopping on the Belisi Fashions site for all of this. What the hell is a pocket square now? A high-fashion word for a silk hanky – that’ what it is. Men sure are changing and most guys are actually in touch with their feminine sides after all. Unnerved is what I felt at this place. However, it pays to know what people are thinking these days, especially those who work in the same field as you. It was a revelation of sorts but I do feel this metrosexual thing, is way too much for me. But then, that would make me a retrosexual guy! That’s weird too; anyway I am sure felt like a fish out of water. Talked to my pal Joe about this and guess what his advice was? He says I should take a peek at the Belisi Fashions main website, or its Belisi Fashions ties sister site and try opening a new window to myself…hmmm. Maybe he does have a point!


Dressing great!

February 1, 2008
Like Paul I too find some colors totally ‘unwearable’…but each one to his taste! I sincerely believe that one should wear what one is comfortable with, dress for the self, not for others. Yes, appreciative comments and compliments do wonders for your morale, but the choice, ultimately is yours!
I was recently at an afternoon get-together with friends, a sort of stag party; we were ten of us, who had known each other for a while, with high levels of comfort. The conversation was mostly about….surprisingly not about girls or the usual stuff that men talk about! It was about grooming and how to go about it! More to that in my next post, so watch out!

Fashion Magazine

December 17, 2007

I recently saw this article in the Fashion magazine about a fashion show, closely observed by the editor of the magazine Sarah Casselman. In the “Day three: Mid-week mania” post, she talks about lawyers-cum-designers, Shawn Hewson and Ruth Promislow and their Spring 2007 collection.. Golf-print ties, preppy polos and cheery checks made up the collection. Crisp cotton blazers, shirts, and shorts in pink and yellow with monograms were all displayed in their collection.  For aristocrats this is a good bargain – may be – but not for someone like me. For I prefer more simple, yet sophisticated looks in a lesser price. Like the tie I saw on Fashion magazine is what I really look forward to for inspirational designs and styles. Moreover, their writers are just fantastic. I love it.

Fashion at work too

December 6, 2007

Much as I’d like to be in second life for just about forever, I have to come back to our world…the world of work, stress, deadlines, and all that. So, today let’s talk about what to wear in the office. After all, have to work to support my addiction to computer games, got it? When going to the office, I can just never ‘let my hair down’. Strict formals are what is required in most corporate work places. But, what the heck, gotta do what the occasion demands. So, neat and well-pressed shirts and trousers would be a good idea. Shirts having small checks look really classy in the office. I have a whole bunch of shirts having these small squares, in different colors. But, guys, do not overdo anything. Tend to vary between the checked shirts, striped shirts, and absolutely plain shirts. I tend to go for cream and brown colors. My trousers too are mostly in shades of these two colors. I have around 10 pants from Marcs and Spencer’s. The quality of these pants are really good. Marcs is known for quality stuff. I’ll do you a favor guys, Here’s the M and S website –

As far as ties go, even more than Marcs, I prefer our very own Belisi Fashions. They have a really lovely selection of ties, and pure silk ties, that too.     

fashion in games too…

November 28, 2007

Have you heard about the site called second life? An interesting site where you feel you are literally living an animated, yet real life. So what does that have to do with fashion? Some one has created a fashion community there. Have you observed the way the chics dress-up? Most of them wear tight fitting leather dresses…hmmm… pretty attractive indeed. You may choose the exact replica of the brand that you like! Superb, isn’t it?

In fact if you notice dresses for any 3D game character, it just makes them look so attractive. Have you played Amber Diceless? The cover itself shows the character in a black full suit with a shiny belt. Imagine if you were to wear something like that in real life…funny huh? Some games as I noted before like second life and The Sims do allow you a more realistic way of dressing… Well, so next time when you sit with your PS3 make sure you observe what your characters are wearing… it is extremely interesting.

Fashion exists even in games… Fashion is everywhere!

Let me introduce you to…

November 28, 2007

Hey Harvey here. I am here to share my interests, hobbies, etc with friends and fellow beings. Today, weblogging has received tremendous appreciation from all eligible age groups. For some it is a hobby, while many use weblogging as a medium to express their desires, likings, wants, etc. Let me share my interest about fashion accessories with you. So I love the fashion community – everything that deals with glamor, lifestyle, ad world, celebs, dressing… I mean any and everything that you can possibly think of when you spell “FASHION”. So what do I start with? Fashion career and education, or spotting trends among celebrities? Should I talk about fashion magazines or art and design? How about some suggestions. So let’s do it this way… for those who know me, and for those who do not know me, post your comments about the topic you will like to read about in my next blog and probably I will start posting…


All suggestions and criticisms are most welcome on my blog…

See you later!